Keto Breakfast Casserole with Ham and Eggs

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Published: 02/07/2019 | Updated: 04/02/2024

This keto breakfast casserole with ham and eggs is packed with healthy vegetables too! A great low carb breakfast idea that is easy to make ahead!

slice of keto breakfast casserole with ham, eggs, vegetables and cheese on a white plate

There are so many variations on a keto ham egg and cheese casserole with ham recipe out there, and I’ve tweaked mine many times over the years. This is my favorite version currently, though because it’s low-carb and easy!

The biggest difference between a keto breakfast casserole and one that’s high in carbs is that this recipe doesn’t contain hash browns or any form of potatoes. It also replaces the milk used in traditional recipes with heavy whipping cream. Milk has quite a bit more carbs than heavy whipping cream, so I try to eliminate it wherever I can in recipes.

Ingredients needed for this recipe:

  • eggs
  • cubed ham
  • cheese
  • heavy whipping cream
  • assorted chopped veggies (I used spinach, mushrooms, red peppers, green peppers, and onions)

How to Make a Keto Breakfast Casserole with Ham and Eggs

Start by spraying a 9×13 pan with non-stick cooking spray.

Then, start chopping your veggies. This is a great recipe to use up vegetables you may have that are on the verge of going bad. I don’t pay a lot of attention to what veggies I’m using. I just go through my fridge and use the ones that have been there for a few days and need to be used up.

This recipe ended up turning into a Farmer’s Breakfast Casserole because I had such a delicious variety of veggies to use. I finely chopped small onion, about 3/4 cup of mushrooms, half of the green pepper, half of the red pepper, and about 1.5 cups of spinach.

Once you have all your veggies chopped, layer them as evenly as possible on the bottom of the pan. I actually tend to add them to the pan as I chop them. That way it’s easier to keep each ingredient evenly spread.

casserole pan with chopped fresh vegetables for a breakfast egg casserole

Chop your ham into bite-size pieces and layer them over your vegetables.

casserole pan with fresh veggies and diced ham for a breakfast egg bake

In a medium size mixing bowl, add a dozen eggs, heavy whipping cream, chives, and garlic powder. Use a whisk to combine everything really well.  Then, whisk in one cup of grated cheese.

Pour the egg mixture evenly over the veggies and sprinkle the remaining cheese on top.

breakfast casserole with fresh vegetables, eggs, ham and cheese

Bake at 375 for 30-35 minutes until the eggs are set in the middle. You can test by inserting a knife in the middle of the egg bake and making sure it comes out clean. You can also just give the pan a little jiggle to make sure the center is set.

baked breakfast egg casserole with melted cheese, ham and fresh vegetables

It’s not exactly the most photogenic food, but it’s filling and healthy and that’s much more important!

We slice our 13×9 pan into 3 columns and 5 rows for 15 total servings. The nutritional information in the recipe is based on 15 servings, so be sure to recalculate if you cut yours differently.

Keto Ham Egg and Cheese Casserole Meal Prep

I’ve been making an egg casserole bake every Sunday night because it’s the perfect low-carb meal prep for the rest of my week. I bake it as soon as it’s assembled and then just cut a slice each morning for my breakfast.

It reheats well in the microwave and only takes about 1 -1.5 minutes. You can also reheat it in a toaster oven but that will take a little longer till it’s heated through.

This casserole lasts us about 4-5 days (there are 4 of us but not everyone has a slice every morning).

If you think it will take longer than that for you to finish it, you can always freeze individual slices. It freezes really well! I just wrap each individual slice in plastic wrap and then store them in a large freezer bag. Pull one out the night before you want to eat it and just let it defrost in the refrigerator. Heat up as normal the next morning!

Substitutions to Egg Casserole Bake

Eggs: You can easily use a refrigerated egg substitute in place of whole eggs. Also, don’t skip this recipe if you only have 11 or even 10 eggs. It will still taste great and cook up the same way, it just will be a little bit less for each portion.

Cheese: I’m not strict with Keto, so I use pre-shredded grated cheese. Most people who are strict Keto advise against this since the grated cheese is tossed with starch to keep the pieces separated. You can easily buy a block of cheese and grate your own if that is a concern for you. I used sharp cheddar cheese for mine, but feel free to use your favorite shredded cheese.

Ham: You really could leave this out completely and just have a vegetable breakfast casserole. You also could substitute it for any other meat of your preference. I often will use cooked ground sausage instead. Crumbled bacon is another great breakfast option!

Heavy Whipping Cream: If you aren’t worried about carbs, feel free to just use milk instead of heavy whipping cream. Another option would be to use Almond Milk which is lower in carbs than regular cow’s milk.

Vegetables: Please feel free to use nearly any other vegetable you would like! I used mushrooms, spinach, peppers, and onions. You could pick one or two from there or add your own. Asparagus and broccoli are great options too! I usually try to have 2-3 cups of chopped veggies, but I don’t worry about it if I have less than that. You could even saute your veggies first if you prefer. But just look how gorgeous those fresh veggies are!

fresh chopped vegetables in a breakfast egg casserole


Looking for more breakfast recipes

Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast can help you stay full and energized all morning long, which will help you avoid snacking and overeating later in the day. Here are some delicious breakfast recipes that will give you everything you need to start your day off right.

slice of keto breakfast casserole with ham, eggs, vegetables and cheese on a white plate
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Egg and Ham Breakfast Casserole

This keto breakfast casserole with ham and eggs is packed with healthy vegetables too! A great low carb breakfast idea that is easy to make ahead!
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time30 minutes
Total Time45 minutes
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Keyword: breakfast egg casserole, keto breakfast casserole
Servings: 15
Calories: 222kcal
Author: Natalie Dixon


  • 12 Eggs
  • 1/2 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 Tbsp. Chopped Chives dried
  • 1 tsp. Garlic Powder
  • 2 cups Cheddar Cheese shredded
  • 1 lb Ham diced
  • 1 cup Fresh Spinach chopped
  • 1/2 Red Pepper diced
  • 1/2 Green Pepper diced
  • 1 Small onion diced
  • 3/4 cup Mushrooms diced


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a 13x9 pan with non-stick cooking spray and set aside. 
  • Evenly distribute chopped veggies in bottom of pan. Top with diced ham.
  • In a medium size mixing bowl, add eggs, heavy whipping cream, chives and garlic powder. Whisk until well blended. Add 1 cup of shredded cheese and whisk to combine. Pour egg mixture evenly over ham and veggies. 
  • Sprinkle remaining 1 cup of cheese over the top. 
  • Bake for 30-35 minutes or until center is set. 


Feel free to substitute other vegetables for the ones I used. I try to use about 2-3 cups of fresh veggies. Broccoli and asparagus are other good options!
You can use milk or almond milk in place of the heavy whipping cream. 

An alternate nutrition label to show that nutritional information can vary by source. Make sure you choose one and stay consistent with it for best results.

ham and vegetable breakfast casserole

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