Easy Bar Cookies Recipes

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These easy bar cookie recipes will become your favorite dessert to take to potlucks or BBQs. From fruit bars to more indulgent chocolate bars, you’ll find one that becomes a fast family favorite!

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Dessert bars are one of my favorite recipes because not only are they simple to make, but they usually make a lot too! I’m all for recipes that practically ensure I will have leftovers to enjoy after the party!

Unlike cookie recipes that require individual scooping and baking multiple sheets, bar cookies are a breeze to make. You just press all the batter into a single pan and only have to worry about remembering the timer that one time.

We also love them because they are so easy to cut into individual servings to either freeze for later or to take on the go. They’re just so versatile, but always a hit!

Here are some of our favorites!

  1. Sugar Cookie Bars by Creations by Kara– Sugar cookies are pretty much as classic as a cookie can get and these sugar cookie bars take them up 10 notches! Super easy to make since you can skip the whole “rolling out the dough” step, you’ll be able to enjoy these buttery treats with the sweet frosting in no time!2 sugar cookie bars with pink icing and rainbow sprinkles
  2. Butterscotch Cookie Bars by Tastes of Lizzy T– Butterscotch is such an underrated flavor and doesn’t get talked about enough! These butterscotch bars will have everyone asking for the recipe, though! Packed with brown sugar so they’re extra gooey and rich, you’ll want to have a glass of milk handy when you serve these.3 butterscotch bars stacked with a glass of milk beside them
  3. Caramel M&M Cookie Bars by Savory Experiments– These caramel M&M bars start with a cake mix so they’re even easier than your average cookie bar recipe! Once you get that batter done, load it up with caramel M&Ms for a dessert that even kids will love!
  4. Carrot Cake Cookie Bars by Food, Folks & Fun– This recipe for carrot cake cookie bars makes a huge batch so it’s perfect to take to a party or picnic! Have fun adding in different stir-ins like chopped nuts or raisins for a fun twist!
  5. Magic Cookie Bars by Typically Simple– If you’ve never had magic cookie bars before then you need to head to the store right now for these ingredients! They are so gooey and packed with flavor that it’s no wonder they’ve been a favorite for decades!a piece of magic cookie bars on a napkin with two striped straws in the background
  6. Berrylicious Cookie Bars by Amanda’s Cookin’ for A Dish of Daily Life– This recipe for berry bars uses a mix of berries, but you can feel free to use whichever one is your favorite! The sweet fruit filling pairs perfectly with the butter crust and topping.2 slices of berry crumb bars with the pan in the background
  7. Apple Butter Bars by An Oregon Cottage– If you’re looking for a healthier cookie bar option, these apple butter bars are for you. Made with whole wheat flour and apple butter, they taste like a decadent treat while still using healthier, organic ingredients.overhead shot of whole grain apple butter bars
  8. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars by Domestic Superhero– If you’re a classic chocolate chip cookie lover, look no further than this recipe! This takes your favorite Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe and makes it even easier to make in a cookie bar form! You’ll want to make sure you never lose this recipe!overhead shot of 13x9 pan filled with chocolate chip cookie dough
  9. Golden Cookies and Cream Bars by Kleinworth & Co– You’re all familiar with Rice Krispie treats and I’m sure you’ve heard of desserts made with Oreos, but this is some kind of perfect marriage of the two ideas! Crushed Golden Oreos replace the rice krispies in these no-bake treats that will disappear as fast as you put them out!golden oreo no bake cookie bars
  10. Red Velvet Cookie Bars by A Night Owl– As if a red velvet brownie wasn’t indulgent enough, this recipe adds a white chocolate macadamia cookie dough batter to the top for a treat that is unique and delicious!red velvet macadamia nut brownies cut into squares and piled on a piece of slate
  11. Gingerbread Cookie Bars by Mom Endeavors– Just in time for fall and the holidays, these gingerbread cookie bars need to be added to your list. They are chewy and delicious and pair perfectly with the cream cheese frosting that gets spread on top!squares of gingerbread cookie bars with cream cheese frosting on a wooden tray

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