Hibachi Menu at Home

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Last updated on August 16th, 2022

Want to feel like you’re eating at the Hibachi Express near you?? This hibachi menu that you can make at home will help you ckeep the price down while still enjoying your favorite recipes!

We went to a Sakura Japanese Steakhouse on a vacation a few years ago and I can still picture that hibachi menu. The number of times I’ve asked Siri to “find a hibachi express near me” while we’re on a roadtrip would probably boggle your mind!

But the taste of that freshly grilled steak, shrimp and chicken with the amazing dipping sauces is pretty much my ideal meal! Give me a little bit of everything to taste and cook it right in front of me!

So when I can’t actually get myself to a Hibachi Express, I do the next best thing and make it myself at home! Not quite the same without the entertainment, but the food tastes just as good and sometimes better!

Meat Options on Hibachi Menu

plate of hibachi chicken and veggies with rice on the side

This is about as classic of a hibachi dish as you can make! And easy too!

This Japanese style chicken is served with sauteed vegetables and everyone’s favorite yum yum sauce. It’s a famous copycat recipe for a reason… it’s delicious! Tastes Better From Scratch nailed it with this recipe!

Click here for an Easy Hibachi Chicken recipe!

white bowl with steak bites, veggies and white rice

My husband’s favorite part of a Hibachi Express menu is always the steak! Luckily for him, this recipe Little Sunny Kitchen is super easy for me to make for him at home and tastes like restaurant quality!

It’s made in the Instant Pot too so it’s practically fail-proof and you know you will get tender, juicy steak bites!

Click here for Hibachi Steak and Vegetables recipe!

wok filled with cooked shrimp, onions and zucchini slices

My favorite, though, when it comes to a meat option at Hibachi Express is always shrimp! This recipe from Cuts and Crumbles is super easy to make and combines shrimp with veggies just like the chef would prepare it at the restaurant.

Click here for Hibachi Shrimp and Veggies recipe!

Hibachi Fried Rice at Home

bowl with fried rice and veggies with chopsticks laid across it

This recipe for teriyaki fried rice from The Belly Rules the Mind is pretty much exactly what I’m expecting when I go to a hibachi restaurant near me. It’s packed with seasonings and made with a whole grain brown rice that adds an extra depth of flavor.

Click here for the Teriyaki Fried Rice recipe!

a wok with fried quinoa and veggies

If you’re looking for the taste of traditional fried rice with a healthier twist, Cuts and Crumbles has an amazing recipe for Quinoa Fried “Rice”. All of the flavors you love but in a low calorie version!

Click here for Quinoa Fried “Rice” recipe!

Hibachi Sauces and Sides

white soup bowl with veggie hibachi soup

This recipe from Pepper Bowl for Hibachi Soup has everything going for it: low carb, easy to adapt with veggies of your choice, easy to make in the pressure cooker and vegan!

Click here for recipe for Hibachi Soup!

3 wooden bowls filled with white rice and hibachi style vegetables on top

This recipe from Worn Slap Out is so close to the vegetables you’d order at your favorite Japenese Steakhouse! Mix and match veggies based on preference and what you have on-hand!

Click here for recipe for Hibachi Vegetables in 20 Minutes!

a bowl filled with yum yum sauce with a spoon sticking out of it

No hibachi dinner is complete without everyone’s favorite Yum Yum Sauce. Recipe From a Pantry has an amazing recipe for this hibachi sauce that takes only 5 minutes to prepare and includes ingredients you probably already have in your pantry!

Click here for Yum Yum Sauce Recipe!

a glass jar full of ginger dipping sauce with a spoon in it

Is a trip to a Japanese steakhouse even complete without ginger dipping sauce?? Little Sunny Kitchen thinks the answer is no and she has this amazing recipe that pairs perfectly with shrimp, chicken or steak!

Click here for the Ginger Sauce recipe!

pinterest graphic with collage of hibachi recipes

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