Easy Thanksgiving Desserts

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Published: 08/25/2020 | Updated: 04/03/2024

These easy Thanksgiving Desserts are delicious and company worthy! Start testing them now so you can enjoy these fall flavors for months!

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When it comes to desserts, there is nothing like the tasty Thanksgiving desserts that are served once a year! It is when all of the fall flavors come out to create delicious desserts that go hand in hand with the amazing Thanksgiving menu we serve.

Traditionally, desserts served at Thanksgiving include pumpkin pies, pecan pies, finger desserts, and other tasty treats. Today, our dessert tables are filled with delicious a variety of different flavors, fruits, and tastes.

If you are looking for some tasty Thanksgiving desserts, this list is full of tasty goodness that is sure to compliment any Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family.

  1. Pecan Pie Pound Cake from Greedy Eats

This buttery pecan pie pound cake has a sweet and salty caramel topping to create the perfect Thanksgiving dessert!

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Pecan Pie Cheesecake from Blackberry Babe

Topped on a graham cracker crust is this delicious brown sugar cheesecake with a pecan pie glaze for the perfect dessert.

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Cinnamon Apple Pumpkin Cake from Marathons and Motivation


Combining two of the best fall desserts, this cinnamon apple pumpkin cake is a delicious dessert for any dessert table.

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Caramel Apple Cheesecake from Well if She Can do It

This fall cheesecake is topped with softly cooked apples and caramel for a delicious topping that is like no other.

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Blackberry Coconut Cobbler from Midwexican

Juicy blackberries are coupled with a crispy flaky coconut crumble to create this tasty blackberry coconut cobbler.

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Apple Crumb Pie from The Farm Girl Gabs

Made with juicy apples, a flaky pie crust and topped with a delicious crumb topping, this apple pie is perfect to enjoy during the holidays.

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Pumpkin Coconut Carrot Cake from Where’d My Sanity Go

With a splash of coconut flavor, this tasty pumpkin carrot cake is topped with a homemade cream cheese frosting.

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Apple Turnovers from Mom’s Dish

Crunchy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside, these quick and easy apple turnovers will be a delicious Thanksgiving dessert.

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Pumpkin Brownies from Wow It’s Veggie

These vegan pumpkin brownies are fudgy and delicious. They’ll be a crowd pleaser on any Thanksgiving dessert table!

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Pineapple Tart from Cooking With Nana Ling

With this tart, the pineapple custard filling is the star of the show and will add a bit of the tropics to your holiday dessert table.

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Apple Dumpling Dessert from Thrifty Frugal Mom

You get the taste of delicious apple dumplings, without all the work! This easy apple dumpling dessert with a side of ice cream is a must-try.

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Fall Apple Walnut Cake from A Sprinkle and a Splash

Perfectly moist, this delicious fall apple walnut cake can be served warm or cold. It’s great for a morning treat with coffee or an after-dinner dessert.

Click HERE for the recipe!

  1. Apple Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce from Creative Cynchronicity

Filled with the taste of fall and winter spices, this apple bread pudding has a delicious homemade bourbon sauce to compliment.

Click HERE for the recipe!

Another apple recipe that we love is this Apple Walnut Cheesecake, it is a great dessert to make for the holidays. This dessert tastes like a slice of apple pie! It’s the perfect way to end your Thanksgiving dinner.


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