Easy S’mores Recipes

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S’mores desserts are a classic treat that seemed to be enjoyed by everyone! These recipes range from no-bake to drinks to breakfast! You’re sure to find a favorite!

collage of 4 different s'mores desserts

Growing up, it felt like s’mores only referred to the classic combination of a fire-roasted marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers with a melted Hershey’s bar.

I don’t ever remember having a s’mores treat any other way. And then Pinterest happened and my eyes were opened! Now we can’t get enough of our favorite flavor combination in different forms and the only struggle is which one do we try first?!

Here’s a collection of some of our very favorites that we’ve either tried and loved or that is one our list to try soon!

Which one will you make first?

1. S’more Bites
2. No Bake S’more Cake
3. S’more Fudge
4. S’more Cupcakes
5. S’more Donut
6. S’more Parfait
7. S’more Pops
8. S’more Cookies
9. Campfire S’more Pops
10. S’more Snack Bites
11. S’more Chocolate Bark
12. Eggo Mini Waffle S’mores
13. No Bake S’mores Cheesecake
14. S’more Smoothie
15. S’mores Rice Krispy Treat

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